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History of Marysville


Marshall County, one of the original 33 counties created by the first territorial legislature, is located in the northern tier of the counties. The county seat is permanently located in Marysville, by the act of February 16, 1860.


The most prominent man in the settlement and early development of the county was Francis J. Marshall. In 1851, Francis J. (Frank) Marshall of Weston, Missouri arrived at the bank of the Big Blue River. He came here to establish a trading post and to operate a ferry. Marshall lent his name to the county, and Marysville, KS was named to honor his wife Mary.


Marysville, KS is located on the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail, and the route of the Pony Express, the St. Joe Road, the Overland Stage, The Military Road, and the Otoe-Missouria Trail. The old Pony Express Station still stands in downtown Marysville, KS.


"Marysville Firsts"


The first probate judge of Marshall Couty was James Doniphan, who held the first term of court starting on Oct. 10, 1855. Alexander Clark, the first sheriff, received his commission in October of that year and was killed the next June while attempting to arrest two horse thieves. H.L. Duncan was appointed to serve out Clark's term. James McCloskey was the first county clerk. W.N. Glenn, John D. Wells, and M.L. Duncan were the first commissioners.


The first newspaper established in the county was the Palmetto Kansas, owned by the Palmetto Town company and edited by J. E. Clardy, in 1857.


The first marriage was in Aug. 1856 between Timothy Clark and Judy North in Vermillion. The first birth was that of Emma Shipp in 1857. The first death was that of Ellis Myers, who froze to death in a terrible storm in the winter of 1856-1857. The first post office was in Marysville, KS, opened in 1854, with Francis Marshall as postmaster.


The first train came into Marshall County over the St. Joseph & Western R.R., which was begun in 1860 and reached the eastern limits of Marshall County in 1870. The next year it was extended to Marysville, KS. Marshall County is now well provided with railroads. The Union Pacific crosses the county from north to south a little west of the center.


Many trains continue to run by Marysville, KS to this date. In 2004, there were two overpasses that were built to make it easier for traffic to travel through Marysville, one on the south side and one on the west side. The tracks are now re-routed allowing the trains to go under these overpasses instead of going through town and backing up traffic. This is especially nice to the emergency vehicles traveling into and out of Marysville.

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