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Marysville City Council Meetings


The Governing body shall consist of a mayor and eight council members who shall be elected and hold office as provided in Charter Ordinance No. 6 and in Chapter 6 and of this code.  No member of the governing body shall have been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor involving truth or dishonesty.  No member of the governing body shall be permitted to serve while listed on the Kansas Offender Registry or Kansas Child Abuse Registry or any registry of any other state that is equivalent to the criminal offender and child abuse registries of the State of Kansas. (C.O. No. 6; Code 2011) A qualified member of the governing body must have physical residency within the corporate city limits.  Residency shall be verified through a legal form of identification.   


Regular meetings of the governing body shall be held on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m.  In the event the regular meeting day shall fall on any legal holiday or any day observed as a holiday by the city offices, the governing body shall fix the succeeding day not observed as a holiday as a meeting day.



Special meetings may be called by the mayor or acting mayor, on the written request of any three members of the city council, specifying the object and purpose of such meeting, which request shall be read at a meeting and entered at length on the journal. 


Regular or special meetings of the governing body may be adjourned for the completion of its business at such subsequent time and place as the governing body shall determine in its motion to adjourn.  (K.S.A. 14-111; Ord. 1143, Sec. 1:2; Code 2011)

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